Day 181 – Thankful for Reminders of Staying at My Grandparents’

26 Mar

Today I am thankful for reminders of staying at my grandparents’.

On Friday we headed up North for Easter weekend just as we used to trek south each Easter when I was a kid.  Over the past 24 hours I’ve had a couple of things that have reminded me of those trips.  The anticipation of seeing grandparents was very evident in the boys, they were ready to go and had the car packed up long before Becky and I were ready to leave.

One of the memories that had me chuckling to myself can be summed up in this picture… 

 There are a couple of reasons why I keep smiling when I see these pics.  Nick and I would stay up late and would always be way over tired by the time we went to bed.  I’d guess we probably looked kind of like this after we finally fell asleep…   Which leads me to the biggest reason I can’t help but giggle.  

Nick and I always slept in the same pull-out couch together at my grandparents.  We were always completely exhausted by the time we got there, but as soon as we laid down it was game on!  Between fighting over the exact halfway point to annoying the crap out of each other to trying to gas the other out with “chemical warfare” to epic battles over the covers we got hollered at often for the noises of both fighting and laughing that would come from the family room we were in.  The fights over the blankets are the stuff of legend and were truly epic.  We would both grab hold of the side of the blanket and proceed to fight with all of our might to roll up in the blanket in the opposite direction of each other. The tug of war match with the blankets resulted in a surface pulled so tight that it would have been the greatest trampoline ever if we would have had another little brother.  While we absolutely annoyed the living shit out each other we had a blast doing it!  

Seeing the boys laying next to each other after totally crashing had me chuckling to myself wondering what types of craziness they had before falling asleep.


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