Day 178 – Thankful for Being Open Minded to a Different Perspective

24 Mar

Today I am thankful for being open minded to a different perspective.

Today’s blog is not meant to be a politically charged post.  Taking it that way kind of misses the point…  😉

For our monthly Owner/Manager meeting we’re reading:images

Not gonna lie, without getting into a ton of politics, I was not a fan of GW while he was President.  I just didn’t like the guy.  Not sure I could really point out anything other than youthful ignorance, but I just couldn’t get behind him.

At our International Leadership Convention he was a speaker and did a very good job.  It was interesting to listen to some of his thoughts, values and insights on many things.  There was a presence to him that I couldn’t help but put my dislike of his presidency aside and respect him.

When this book was assigned I groaned and was dreading opening it up.  Now that I’ve read it I am glad that I did.  As I listened to his perspective on certain events I couldn’t help but realize just how ignorant I was.  There were many reasons for decisions that I had never considered.  After hearing the reasoning behind his decisions I can understand why he made them and I respect him for making some of the tough calls that he made.

To be clear, there are still some of his calls that I disagree with, but it’s enlightening for me to realize that ideas that I thought were absolutely ridiculously idiotic now make sense and help me realize how jaded I was and how much my paradigms shape the ways I view the world.  Reading this book has helped me remember to take more time to get outside of my own mind and think about situations from the perspectives of others.  I have much more respect now for people like GW who can look at situations from many perspectives and then act according to their values, even when the decision is unpopular.  It has reminded me to keep an open mind to different perspectives.



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