Day 172 – Thankful for Incredibly Serendipitous E-Mails

18 Mar

Today I am thankful for incredibly serendipitous emails.

At 4:35pm today I got the following email from a friend who’s a great leadership and training coach for me. 

(The attached video can be found here )

Pretty awesome, huh?  How cool to get an email that compares me to one of the most positive and optimistic people I’ve ever seen?Here’s where it gets even cooler and I get even more appreciative…

What Danielle didn’t know is that today was a rough one for me.  There was a lot of self-reflection, introspection, and tough decisions. I really struggled and found personal flaws that have been hurting my performance and my teams.  I was in the dumps and struggling…

And then this email appears in my inbox!  How could I not help but smile when I read her note  comparing me to Kid President?  Becky snuggled up with me while I watched it, and I struggled to fight back some awesome that was leaking out of my eyes.  It reminded me that there are always bumps in the road, always gaps between who we are and who we could be, but all the while we have qualities that are awesome and make us who we are.  While I was wallowing in my imperfections she was recognizing me for my positives.

I have a lot to work on and things to improve, but today I am incredibly thankful for a serendipitous email from a friend that reminded me to always looks at the bright side… 


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