Day 168 – Thankful for Random Humorous Events with Friendly Strangers

13 Mar

Today I’m thankful for random humorous events with friendly strangers.

While the boys were at Sunday school and Becky was at her church book club I was entrusted to complete an important quest…  Go grocery shopping without supervision.  I received my permission slip from Becky to enter the grocery store unsupervised (the grocery list) and most of the event went fairly well.  

There were only a couple of nerve wracking moments…  Not finding bleach wipes right away (& of course I didn’t ask anyone for help, I’d be violating Guy Code #3446.71 Section 36 Line 13).  Seeing all the flavor of oatmeal EXCEPT the one Becky wanted.  And who could forget the defining moment of the trip, the stress of deciding between whether I was supposed to get cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes (or is there even a difference???).

As I started to walk out I hit the button on my keys to open the back door of our car.  I probably should’ve waited until I could see the car as I was still in the building.  As I walked out I saw an older couple looking very confused and looking from their car to my car, which was right next to their’s.  With every step closer I took their smiles got bigger and they were soon laughing.  When they realized I was the owner of the car next to them they laughed even harder. 

Turns out that the exact second that I hit the button to open my car they hit the button to open their trunk.  They weren’t sure how their’s opened mine and were a little nervous about what to do next.  Seriously, what are the odds that when you pop your trunk another vehicle right next to you also opens up, and the owner is nowhere to be found?

We got a good laugh and some big smiles out of it.  I shared how my grandparents had figured out that their garage door opener also opened a neighbor’s garage door and then made the mistake of telling my little brother and I about it.  We’d fight like mad to try to get the opener any time we rode with Grandma and Grandpa in order to continually hy the button to see which neighbor it was.  We shared pleasantries and went on our separate ways.

I’m thankful that we had this random humorous event today, I’ve been chuckling about it ever since.


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