Day 164 – Thankful for Horrible Candidates

10 Mar

Tonight I am thankful for horrible candidates.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be ecstatic if the top 5+ presidential candidates all dropped out of the race and we got to call for a “do-over” of epic proportions.  So I’m not really thankful for the candidates themselves, but for the conversations that they’ve been leading us to in our house.

Inevitably, someone in our house says or reads something about one of the bonehead candidates and makes a comment.  We do our best to keep the comments G to PG rated because quite often the boys hear what we’re saying.

Last night’s conversation was started by me sharing a joke that I thought the boys would get a kick out of…20160217-blogpost1

After we all got a laugh out of it, Dominic made a comment about how he heard that, if elected, Trump was going to kick all immigrants out of the country.  This led to a very interesting conversation in which we were able to talk about values with the boys.

As opposed to getting into the political talk about what we discussed, let’s just say that it was great to help the boys see how our views were impacted by our values.  They were interested in hearing about what we believed and why we did.  It led to sharing of stories that I hadn’t remembered in quite some time that helped to shape me and my opinions.  When all was said and done it seemed like the boys understood where Becky and I were coming from (and we were actually in agreement) and hopefully they’ll remember parts of the conversation.

And that’s why I am thankful for the egomaniacal, out of touch, crazed, idiotic windbags that are our presidential candidates…  While I am still holding out for a different candidate to emerge (where’s the ghost of Ross Perot when you need him to inspire someone…  Anyone else remember 1986 when Perot was actually leading the polls at 39%?), they’ve helped lead to interesting values conversations in our home.



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