Day 163 – Thankful for “You’re Going to Miss It”

09 Mar

Today I am thankful for “you’re going to miss it.”

Ugh…  The phrase that causes involuntary groaning and eye rolls.  The five words that inspire a chuckle and a “yeah, right.”  The sentence that makes me question the sanity of the person saying it.  Only once have I heard someone say the opposite, and I totally agreed with him.  Ahh…  The bliss of ignorance!

So in the middle of a stretch of commotion and chaos while chasing the boys at, to, and from different events and get togethers I found myself at Dominic’s All School Orchestra Concert tonight.  Fresh from a crazy busy day at work I literally got out of one car, got into another, ate supper while Becky drove (thanks for having supper ready in a Tupperware Babe!), and was in a hurry to drop off Dominic and then wait an hour until the concert actually started.  I caught myself being negative and started thinking about all the things I have to do and the other things I could be doing.  At least we had some friends at the event that sat next to us to add some fun to the event!     

Even Dominic looked a little bored while waiting… 

 And then something pretty tricking crazy happened.  The music started and I caught myself being amazed by how good the kids all sounded.  That’s when it hit me.

All those times that Dominic went downstairs to practice his cello I was usually thankful for 15 minutes of quiet or time with Becky.  I was looking at it as an escape for me and wasn’t thinking about him.  

Now, sitting here watching him play with smooth movements and staying right on beat I realized what that time really was…  Grit, discipline, and practice to master his craft.  He has been pouring his energy into learning to play his cello and this concert was his opportunity to prove his ability.  

All that work, practice and dedication and I was about to shrug it off as “yet another night of running the kids around.”  Thank goodness I realized it in time and was able to enjoy his concert for what it was, a very important event for him, a chance to show us why he practices his cello every day.  He and his classmates were fantastic and I’m very proud of him and his hard work.

So to everyone who has ever driven me crazy or annoyed me with “you’re going to miss it,” thank you.  Your voices rank loud and clear in my brain bucket and helped me appreciate a big moment.  While I know I won’t always take the time to appreciate things like this, I’m thankful that you all helped me appreciate this one!


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