Day 159 – Thankful for Friday Fish Fry

05 Mar

Today I’m thankful for…  Wait a minute.  Are you from Wisconsin?  If not you might not know what the I’m talking about.  Just sayin’…  Where was I? Oh yeah, Firday Fish Fry!

Ahh Wisconsin…  Why do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

Today I’m thankful for one of the greatest traditions in Wisconsin, the Friday Fish Fry.  Usually once per year I’m a huge fan.  After that it usually takes me a year to recover and get psyched for the next year’s fish fry. 

As per the norm with Friday Fish Fry I also had an Southern Comfort Old Fashioned (or two…).  Delicious!  

There’s something about this meal that reminds me of being a kid and going out to eat when my grandparents came up to visit.  We’d go out to a local restaurant, eat breadsticks from the salad bar and giggle when my grandpa shot pieces of toothpicks through his drink straw into the cobwebs hanging from the lights.  We laughed even harder when we came back the next year and they were still hanging there!  I’d always have the grilled cheese (Mmm…) and enjoy the sip or two of my grandpa’s Old Fashioned.  It was an event I looked forward to throughout the year.

And that’s why I’m thankful for Friday Fosh Fry today.  It was just Becky, Gavin and I (Dominic is at Boy Scout camp), and we had a great time while remembering so many great childhood moments.  Gavin tried a little sip of my drink and said it was even better than Sprite and that he was “going to have 21 of them when he turns 21!”  I’m hoping he made a memory that will stick with him that he’ll share with his family when he takes them out for Friday Fish Fry.


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