Day 158 – Thankful for Productive Catch Up Days

04 Mar

Today I am thankful for productive catch up days.

When I got to work today I was super pumped. Giddy even.  It was going to be a great day.  A very productive day.  One of those days when you get in the zone and crank out some great stuff.

How did I know it was going to be a day like that?  I had only one appointment on my calendar for the entire day.  Almost an entire day to work on my most urgent projects and then things that had been set aside for a better time.  The better time was today.

Quite often I have a tendency of trying to shove too much into my days and weeks.  I’ve had some great coaches who’ve recently been helping me realize that sometimes I really need to do less to get more done.  Today I took a page out of their book and kept the day open to make progress on things already started as opposed to starting new things.

I still have much to get caught up on and several projects to finish, but today it felt pretty great to pause from the whirlwind and work on the business instead of in it.  There might have to be another day like this scheduled again in the near future.


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