Day 156 – Thankful for Playing Outside Until It’s Really Dark Out on a Cold Day

02 Mar

Today I am thankful for playing outside until it’s really dark out on a cold day.

I had an agenda in my head for a cold night like this.  Eat supper and then play some games with the boys.  They had other plans…  

While Gavin ate supper first and then went outside, Dominic was outside from the time he got home until just a couple of minutes ago.

The two knuckleheads just came inside, but only after the flashlight they were using died due to the cold (or blunt force trauma…  We’ll never know for sure).  They were giggling the whole time they were outside and came in still playing nicely with each other.  They wore their rosy red cheeks as badges of honor.  What else can you ask for?  

While it wasn’t what I had expected for the night it was pretty awesome and brought back fun memories of being a kid and playing outside until it was dark and never feeling the cold.  Life was all about having fun at that age, and it put a huge smile on my face tonight.


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