Day 154 – Thankful for a Successful Express International Leadership Conference

28 Feb

Today I am thankful for a successful Express International Leadership Conference.

Quick note, I’m pretty sure this is the earliest posting I’ve done on this blog to date.  Seemed like a good idea to write it while I’m chilling in the airport at 3:15am.  🙂

Over the past handful of days I’ve been blessed to spend time at the Express Employment Professionals’ International Leadership Conference.
We’ve had great speakers ranging from President George W Bush (amazing individual who really impressed me)  to Emmitt Smith (though I hated him in the ’90’s he was great to listen to) to Larry the Cable Guy (Hysterical!).  There’ve been many excellent trainers and learning sessions by Express colleagues and the sharing of many great ideas by colleagues. Throw in some awards and it’s been pretty fantastic.

The thing that I am most thankful for though is all of the rekindling of relationships with people that I sometimes only see one or two times a year.  It blows my mind how there can be such strong relationships forged through chance encounters, calls for assistance, and one time training sessions!  Many of these people I’ve gotten to know WAY back in my 16+ Express career, and others have bene over the recent years.  Regardless, there is always a huge hug and conversation about the most important things in our lives…  Our families.  Forget the work stuff, we can catch up on that any time.  The only exceptions are when we are celebrating successes of the other, remembering great memories, or helping to lift each other up after tough times.  These short conversations are what I hold mostly deeply in my heart.

I’d also be remiss to not give a special thanks to Terese Irwin, the person responsible for this fantastic event.  She did such a wonderful job of organizing this event.  Can you imagine trying to organize anything for over a thousand strong willed and independently minded individuals?  Not only did she crush it, but she accomplished something that I don’t think has ever happened before…  Everything started on time and in many cases was done at least a couple of minutes earlier than scheduled!  Awesome job Terese!!!

Thank you to all of my Express friends for your conversations, hugs, support, conversations, ideas, insights, and camaraderie.  You truly are my second family!  


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