Day 147 – Thankful for Cub Scout Winter Camp

21 Feb

Today I am thankful for Cub Scout Winter Camp.

The boys and I headed out to Camp Decorah on Friday night and had lots of fun with our fellow scouts and their parents & grandparents.  We got home late last night and all three of us are pretty well exhausted today.

Thile I could go on and on about all the reasons I’m thankful for Winter Camp, I think the following pics tell a better story…

IMG_8356Gavin after making a fire using only a flint and steel.

IMG_8367IMG_8379The boys had to build a fire from scratch and then get the flames high enough to burn a string that was above the fire pit.

IMG_8395IMG_8399IMG_8417One of the projects was building a birdhouse as a team.

IMG_8463IMG_8470S’mores…  How can you really be camping without them???

IMG_8472Gavin decided to set a record for the most hot chocolate drank by a Cub Scout…  Not sure it counts if over half of it ended up on his face 🙂

IMG_8478Look closely and you’ll see a guilty pleasure that I have about once every 6 months or so… Shower beer.  After spending time with all the kids running around outside, being around campfires, and not having showered for well over a day and a half I decided to partake.  During the course of a 15 minute shower I relaxed to great music, got cleaned up, and enjoyed some suds while covered in suds.  Don’t knock it until you try it!

It was a very successful event, we’re all tired and have a ton of great memories to hold on to.  And now time for bed…  Zzz…


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