Day 143 – Thankful for My Friend, Sandy Creeley

18 Feb

Today I’m thankful for my friend Sandy Creeley.

Isn’t it great how Facebook shows names of people who have birthdays on a certain day?  Today it helped inspired today’s blog.  Before I forget, happy birthday Sandy!!!  

Of course, the true inspiration for this blog started long ago when a very unprofessional, very high energy, and very inexperienced young man called Sandy to ask for a tour of her production facility.  Sandy found him at least mildly entertaining and took him under her wing to help coach and grow him.

Over the next 16 years Sandy has taught me so much.  Some of these lessons include:

  • How important it is to truly care for your employees and treat them as your most valuable customer.
  • While we would like to give everything to our employees we also need to keep the bottom line in mind as the profits are what keep the business running to keep it providing for our employees.
  • Human resources is an incredibly difficult balancing act.  Each person is an individual so we need to think about what is best for each person, but we also need rules to base our decisions off of.  The best of HR professionals can balance both so well you don’t even notice the line between rules and exceptions.
  • When I made mistakes or exercised poor judgement she called me on it, helped me realize the error, and then helped me fix it.
  • She showed me what retirement can look like and how it’s important to stay busy and in touch with friends.
  • Probably the most important lesson was this.  No matter how busy life was for me she always stopped me, made sure I talked about my family, and then made me promise to spend time with them and enjoy the precious time I have with them.

Sandy is one of the most caring individuals I know.  She is always such an excellent listener I sometimes wonder if she knows more about my family than I do!  Without her help, patience, coaching and caring I doubt my life would have gone where it has…  I am eternally grateful for my friend Sandy!

Thanks and Happy Birthday Sandy!!!

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