Day 142 – Thanks for Vacation Pics and Vids from Justin and Norm

17 Feb

Today I’m thankful for vacation pics and vids from Justin and Norm.

There are many days when I’m conflicted about what to write as the thing I’m thankful for.  That was the case today as well.  Lots to be thankful for, but only one blog post per day…  The way I usually decide which to use is pretty simple.  If it’s about Becky or the boys it usually wins.  If it’s about vacation?  It damn near trumps anything!


 Imagine how happy I was today when I got an external hard drive from Norm with a video created by Justin and his GoPro, and pics and vids from Norm!  They are AWESOME!!!  Watching them tonight has brought some Central Amercian sun and warmth on this cool damp night.

Putting together videos like this take an enormous amount of time, patience, energy, creativity and passion.  It’s amazing how they can take hours of video and break it all down to bite sized chunks of vacation memory awesomeness!

The other part that I’m thankful for is how diligent they were in getting so many great pictures and video clips.  While I was enjoying the moment they were working to preserve the moment for us to re-live over and over again.  

While the weather outside may have me thinking of moving to Hawaii, the warmth of Belize is coming through the TV to put a smile on my face.

Thanks Justin & Norm!!!

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