Day 141 – Thankful for Dominic and the Battle of the Books

15 Feb

Today I’m thankful Dominic and the Battle of the Books.

Today Dominic and a few of his friends competed in the Battle of the Books, a competition based on 20 books the kids had to read since the end of the last school year.  They get asked a bunch of trivia questions and get scored for knowing which book had which plot line, event, or random detail.  As a team facing 2-3 other teams at the same time they need to work together to answer the question in less than 20 seconds and then hold up the title of the book and the author.  All 22 teams answer the same 50 questions and then a winner is crowned.

They did AWESOME when it came to results, but that wasn’t what I’m thankful for today.  There were several moments that were incredibly way more cool than a medal ever could be.

First, when I asked Dominic how they did he responded with the exact score (of course), but his smile was huge when he said “We did way better than last year.”  He was able to see progress.  Regardless of rankings he was happy with the way his team progressed.  I hope he can keep that awesome growth mindset and keep finding ways to challenge himself and his teams and not worry about how they stack up to the competition.  Be your own measuring stick.

Second, the team was having fun the whole time.  Even when they had an answer wrong they had forehead slaps, groaned, and said “that’s right…”, but they smiled the whole time.  When they got the answers right there were shouts of “Yes!”, fist pumps, and more big smiles.  The only times they didn’t smile was when they were deep in thought trying to figure out the answer.  Some of the deep thinking faces were awesome!

Third, everyone contributed.  Everyone had at least a couple of times when they saved the day on an answer and had the hero’s smile which was just a little bigger than the normal one.

Fourth, when diversity struck (they got an answer wrong) they never pointed fingers or blamed each other.  They did nothing but support each other on every question.  They were constantly raising each other up.

Last, they operated so effectively as a team it was amazing.  They all helped each other.  They worked through disagreements peacefully and effectively when there were opposing answers.  They had fun the whole time.  They were united in one common goal, to do better than last year.  And they had fun doing it.

And that’s why I’m thankful for Dominic and the Battle of the Books today.  Who cares about the final result compared to others when you have the opportunity to perform as a team and conquer your goals.  And did I mention have a lot of fun along he way?

Congrats to the boys and thanks for reminding us adults what being an awesome team should look and feel like!


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