Day 137 – Thankful for My Friend, Jeff Jensen

12 Feb

Today I am thankful for my friend, Jeff Jensen.

Sometimes I need someone to come in with a fresh perspective.  Sometimes I need to have someone just validate what I’m seeing to help me keep my sanity.  Sometimes I just need a friend to be there to help walk me to conclusions I would’ve seen sooner but I got in my own way.

Yesterday Jeff sacrificed his entire work day, and then some, to spend time with me in Eau Claire.  He jumped in with great ideas in our team meeting, helped with my 1 on 1 coaching sessions with my team members, and then walked me through what he saw in that time.

His thoughts and perspective were spot on and helped clarify some thoughts.  He shed light in places I hadn’t looked and helped me realize some strengths and weaknesses that I hadn’t seen.  He helped me with strategy and ideas.  All in all, he helped me accept many of the words of advice and thoughts of some other work friends.  He helped me see what an awesome track my teams and I are already on and pushed me to look deeper into the future that I want to create.

While the business side of our conversation was fantastic, that isn’t the biggest reason I am thankful for Jeff today.


That’s why I am thankful for Jeff.  He was there for me.  Through the ideas and conversation he was never judging, criticizing, or condescending.  He was there supporting me.  He was showing he cared about me and my success.  He listened.  I’m thankful that he sacrificed the most valuable resource that any of us have (time) to be the friend and coach I needed at the time I really needed.


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