Day 132 – Thankful for Remembering Song Lyrics

07 Feb

Today I am thankful for remembering song lyrics.

I have a tough time remembering what I had for lunch yesterday, but when I hear just a brief note of the following songs their lyrics come racing into my head.  How the heck doe that work anyways???  It’s amazing to me to think that I can still remember some of the following song lyrics…  See if you can figure them out too!

  1. Some things will never change
    They stand there looking backwards
    Half unconscious from the pain
    They may seem rearranged
    In the backwater swirling, there is
    Something that will never change
  2. Where do bad folks go when they die?
    They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly
    They go down to the lake of fire and fry
    Won’t see ’em again till the fourth of July
  3. Maybe in another life
    I could find you there
    Pulled away before your time
    I can’t deal it’s so unfair
  4. I seem to recognize your face
    Haunting familiar yet I can’t seem to place it
    Cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
    Lifetimes are catching up with me
    All these changes taking place I wish I’d seen the place
    But no one’s ever taken me
    Hearts and thoughts they fade fade away
  5. And I know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb
    And she’ll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come
    But at least we’ll both be beautiful and stay forever young
    This I know, yeah, this I know  (yes, I know I am going to musical hell for a couple of these!!!)
  6. You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals
  7. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,
    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,
    The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,
    We don’t need no water let the…
  8. Swing your partner round and round
    End of the night, it’s going down
    One more shot, another round
    End of the night, it’s going down
  9. Take a whiff on me, that ain’t no rose!
    Roll up yer window and hold yer nose
    You don’t have to look and you don’t have to see
    ‘Cause you can feel it in your olfactory

Again, how I can remember some of these lyrics when I hear the tune just kills me.  But it always makes me smile jumping back in and belting out some seriously terrible vocals when these songs come on!


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