Day 131 – Thankful for Apologizing

05 Feb

Today I am thankful for apologizing

Nope, not when others apologize to me (though those are nice too), but when I’m apologizing for my actions.  As many of you know I sometimes make mistakes, screw up, or come unglued. 

Yesterday I had a minor (maybe semi-major) meltdown that was unnecessary.  It was a poor decision and I’ve learned from it.  Once I apologized I felt much better.  

There’s something incredibly calming about truly apologizing.  Letting the person know that you acknowledge that you screwed up, letting them know that you will fix it, and letting them know that you are very sorry for what happened.  It could be for something big or small, but regardless, the apology is the beginning of a fresh start.  I’m thankful that I apologized today.


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