Day 130 – Thankful for Real Life Back Stories

05 Feb

Today I am thankful for real life back stories.

Due to the nature of today’s topic I need to keep away from details of the full story, but I can still explain why I am thankful without them.  In the end, the details aren’t the most important reason why I am thankful, but the details are insanely important to all of us in our lives.  Know what I mean?

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to spend some time with an individual I admire greatly.  They are very smart, charismatic, always upbeat, and always have their shit together.  One of those people that I can sometimes be jealous of, thinking that I wish I was more like them at times or that I had some of their qualities at other times.  They are very successful, both in their professional and personal lives.

Imagine my surprise when I got into a very deep conversation with them about life in general and found out that everything wasn’t nearly as perfect as I had thought.  Between bouts of depression, frustration, and many other horrible things this person had suffered a ton and I’d ever known it.  Hearing their back story threw me for a complete loop and left me in awe…

And totally amazed and even more impressed with how this person has such a positive attitude.  Don’t get me wrong, their life is far from perfect, but it is nothing short of amazing to see how they’ve overcome these challenges to become someone I look up to and am inspired by.  It would’ve been very easy for them to have given up, cashed in their chips, and ended it.  But they didn’t.  They took the tough road and are realizing that all of those negatives are what have shaped them into the awesome person they’ve become.  The power of attitude, whether you think you have a positive one or a negative one, you are correct.  All the negative we experience in life can either be used to break us down, or to help us become stronger.  They have chosen to become stronger.

Today I am thankful for hearing the real life back story of my friend.  Whenever I am struggling with anything in life they are another example to help remind me to push through and accomplish anything.  Whatever negatives I may be experience are almost guaranteed to pale in comparison to their struggles.


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