Day 129 – Thankful for Gavin’s Creativity

04 Feb

Today was a pretty awesome day and there was an enormous number of things to be thankful for.  Trying to decide which one to focus on was pretty tough, but I finally settled on being thankful for Gavin’s Creativity.

Yesterday Gavin decided that he wanted to create his own game for us to play.  As he started spouting out tons of rules about what each card did in his game I said, “Why don’t you write out the directions for the game so we can all understand and remember them?” After putting up a fight he relented and started “writing” the directions.

First things first…  I love how the kid started off wanting to make a new game.  We have a ton to choose from already, but screw it, let’s make our own!  Then, as I had a chance to review the directions, he hardly wrote anything…  He “wrote” it in pictures 🙂

IMG_8211Take a look at the directions closely and you’ll see he put in some drawings, numbers, and symbols.  The scary part was that he wrote it completely in my language.  I could totally understand what he was saying about each card.  Yup, each card is shown along with it’s health, damage, healing, movement, and some fun pics to illustrate it in detail.

He then put together the huge game board that was too big to fit on the coffee table, so we ended up playing on the kitchen floor.  Becky, Gavin and I played last night (it was an epic battle that saw Gavin and I tie at the end due to his King blowing up my King at the same time) and Dominic, Gavin, and I played tonight (it was an epic battle that saw Gavin and I tie at the end due to my King blowing up his King at the same time).  Perhaps tomorrow night one of us will actually win outright, but who cares?  We’re having a blast playing.

It was pretty awesome seeing how he took an idea, ran with it, completed it, and is taking time to enjoy it.  When I said I am thankful for his creativity today it is not “artistic” creativity per se, but rather the fact that he takes joy in creating something.  He didn’t let anything get in his way, he didn’t quit, and he didn’t do it because he was told to.  He did it simply because he could and took joy in creating something new that didn’t exist until he dreamt it up.

As we tucked him in tonight he told us he learned about a guy named Eric who is blind and summited the 7 peaks.  I asked him what he learned from it and he took some time to think and wasn’t sure what I meant.  That’s when I told him, “you can accomplish anything you can dream, regardless of how big or how many obstacles there are.”  The big full face smile showed me he understood.  The making of this game is an example of that.

If I could only have one hope for him for the rest of his life it would be for him to remember that.  He can accomplish anything his crazy imagination and creativity can dream up!


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