Day 128 – Thankful for Fred and His Snow Blower

03 Feb

Today I am thankful for Fred and his snowblower.

Remember a long time ago when I talked about out great neighbors?  Today I came home to Fred starting to snow blow our driveway again.  He had just done the first strip when I pulled in.  As I walked towards him it looked like he was struggling a little bit.  I thanked him for doing it and asked how he was doing.  He immediately apologized and said he was hoping to have it done before I got home.  As we got to talking he finally shared that he had broken his wrist.  Good old Fred, not a day under seventy, was trying to snow blow my driveway with a broken wrist!

For the first time in the 10+ years we’ve lived here he finally relented and let me tag in and snow blow.  I could tell he didn’t want to say I could, but his arm was obviously hurting.  I got changed and used his snowblower to finish our driveway and then do his.  True to Fred fashion, he had started with ours and was going to do his later.

Thank God for Fred’s snow blower!  That snow was pretty heavy and it cut right through it with no trouble at all.  The only issue was the dough head running it (me) as I hadn’t run one for a very long time.

Once I wrapped up his driveway I put it away for him.  He came out and we shot the bull for a minute.  As I thanked him for letting me borrow it I told him I hope he enjoyed the show.  Watching me wrestle with it while hitting the wrong buttons and knobs had to be fun to watch.  He said he’d never laugh at that…  but the smile on his face told me he had enjoyed the entertainment!  We talked about how tough it was to find a place to put all this white stuff and how impressed I was with his ability to make it look effortless.

As we wrapped up he showed me where everything was so I could fire it up myself and take care of his driveway, but only until his wrist is healed and he’s back in action.

So today I’m thankful for the snow blower, it saved me from a lot of extra work and a sore back.  But I’m much more appreciative for Fred.  He has taught me what it means to be a great neighbor, what the old school work ethic looks like, and how to take pride in the things we can do to help others.  Fred is about the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for.  Becky, the boys and I are all lucky to have him in our lives.



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