Day 126 – Thankful for Crazy Little Church Traditions

31 Jan

Today I am thankful for crazy little church traditions.

Let’s be really clear on this one, there will be absolutely nothing serious or focused on faith in this post.  I’m not talking about Church traditions, I’m talking about little family traditions the boys and I have started.

I have a tough time sitting in one place and staying focused for long periods of time… Usually anything over about 15 minutes 🙂  In church there is a lot of down time in-between different things, and the boys and I have figured out ways to keeping ourselves entertained in those fleeting moments.  Mom & Mary – I do listen politely, but you know how there are those sometimes quiet times in-between things?  That’s what I’m talking about.

Today was a great reminder of those little traditions for me.  In addition to things like giggling when certain words are said, when a baby make a silly noise and things along those lines, there are few other things that observers of the Kreiling family may see on any given Sunday.

Dominic and I usually spend some time poking each other in the ribs, stepping on each others’ feet, and maybe doing a light hip check or two.  There’s also some fun when offering peace…  Today we’ve started what is bound to be a new tradition of shaking hands, moving the hands up on top of the handshake, back down, back up, release, pull hands away to the side, bring them back together, take them apart, my hand goes up and his goes down, we bump them together, his hand goes up and mine goes down, we bump them together, give a fist bump, and then explosion. Way more interesting that just a simple handshake 🙂

Gavin and I have our own fun that we do called “magnets.”  When we’re waiting for Becky and Dominic to go through the line for communion Gavin says “magnets” and it is game on.  My hands immediately turn into magnets with the palms being the same polarity so they refuse to go together as he struggles to get my palms to touch.  Then he flips one hand to the other side and then has to struggle to peel them apart.  Occasionally the polarity of one will change…  You get the idea.

The reason I love these little moments is because it is one of those times when nothing else matters except the boys and I (and Becky if we’ve been too loud 🙂 ).  I’m hoping that one day while they are in church with their boys they’ll remember these goofy little traditions, smile and teach their kids something similar.

Yes, it is completely silly, but it is our tradition, just like chocolate milk and donuts on Saturday mornings were for my brother, dad, and I.  To this day the thought of that little tradition makes me smile.



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