Day 125 – Thankful for Wrestling with My Best-est Buddy

31 Jan

Today I am thankful for wrestling with my best-est buddy, Gavin.

Belize was absolutely fantastic & we had an incredible time.  We’re now back home and getting back into the swing of things.  Unpacking, getting back to real life, the normal back home from vacation stuff.

Dominic wanted to go with Becky to pick up the dogs, so it was just Gavin and me for a nice chunk of the afternoon.  I finished up with unpacking and then it was go time for the two of us.

We played some games and thought up some crazy projects, but the thing I had the most fun doing was playing “Zombies” with him using swords and his diamond pickaxe.  Next thing you know we’re wrestling around in the living room acting like a couple of little kids.  Between hacking off each others’ arms and legs (pretty sure most dads will know what I’m talking about and most moms will be disgusted / confused), eating each others brains and trying to beat each other.  There were many moments when there was a declaration of surrender only to have it revoked as soon as the positions had changed.  All in all we ended up giggling and out of breath after about 30 minutes of craziness.

I’m thankful for wrestling with him for a couple of reasons.  It’s great to spend some one on one time with my buddy.  It’s also pretty awesome to lose all sense of responsibility and “adultness” and go back to being a kid without a care in the world.  There was no news, no politics, no bills, no nothing, only laughing, wrestling and having fun.  I know that I can’t always live in that world, but it’s so awesome to be totally present in activity like that with him.

That s short period of time with him today was a great reminder for me of how important it is for me to enjoy the moment, be present in the moment, and that moments like this are where much happiness begins.



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