Day 121 – Thankful for People Who Push Me to Dream Bigger

27 Jan

Today I’m thankful for people who push me to dream bigger.

It is so easy to get pulled into complacency…  Settling for okay is quick and painless…  Being satisfied has a nice sound to it…  Or, I can push myself and dream bigger.  

I’m so incredibly fortunate to have several friends who push me to always dream bigger.  Norm and Mark T have been fantastic coaches who are great at giving me that little extra nudge I need to push myself further.  If I had been left to my own devices I’d probably have settled a long time ago.  With their pushing and urging I’ve grown more than I thought I could.  

 It isn’t always what I want to hear.  It usually gets me frustrated and fired up.  It hurts sometimes.  But it’s not what they’re saying or doing to help me grow, it’s that I haven’t already made the same leap on my own.  It frustrates me to think that they still see more in me and dream bigger for me than I do for myself.  

That being said, I’ve made strides and will continue to grit out this learning process.  And if be lying if I said that I’m not smiling as I type this, knowing that as soon as I think I’m dreaming big enough I’ll hear their voices in my head pushing and urging me to dream bigger.

So today I’m thankful for people who push me to dream bigger, I hope to help others do the same.  It’s made a world of difference for me and I’m eternally grateful.


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