Day 116 – Thankful for Memories of Hawaii

22 Jan

Today I am thankful for memories of Hawaii…

Three years ago today I woke up to this… 

 It was at that moment that I found the place I’ll eventually call my home.

Crazy to think it was three years ago.  I can picture it as clearly as if it was yesterday and yet it feels like it’s been an eternity since I was there.  

There’s never been a place that has felt so right for me.  While it will be at least a year or two before I go there again the memory of it continues to make me smile and drives me to work hard to get there again.  When work gets stressful and home life gets hectic I can always think of my future home, smile, take a deep breath, and start to relax.  

Sometimes when I take that deep breath I swear I can smell the salty ocean air.  I close my eyes and can hear the rhythmic crashing of waves, feel the slight breeze blowing on my face, and see forever across the ocean while snuggling with Becky.  Ahh…  Heaven…  


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