Day 114 – Thankful for Pranks

20 Jan

Today I am thankful for pranks…  Kinda fitting after being thankful for boys being boys yesterday, don’t you think?

So my college buddy Ben puts the following video on my Wall early today…

Ben Spider

Talk about a flood of awesome memories!  Anytime I think of Ben I can’t help but smile…  The number of crazy things that we (I’ll use “we” as opposed to “I” or “he” in order to protect the semi-innocent) pulled were fantastic.  At times I think back to my freshman year at Michigan Tech living in Wadsworth Hall and laugh so hard because of the crap we pulled.

Between locking people in rooms using only pennies (and maybe a pry bar), using a borrowed shopping cart for a laundry basket, balloons filled with shaving cream, pulling sleds using a tow rope behind a jeep, taking turns riding in the trunk of a car so we could all fit in one vehicle, and many other fun things which will go unmentioned we had an AWESOME time!  No one was ever hurt (too bad), everyone gave each other a hard time, no one took themselves too seriously, and we had a blast.

Today I am thankful for each and every one of those memories, regardless of how faded some may be.  Anytime one of them pop into my head they all come flooding back and I can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the stupidity and fun.

While I am thankful for pranks, I am eternally grateful for the people that they involved, the ones who pulled them and the ones who had them pulled on them.  I can only hope that my boys grow up with friends like this that they can make some awesome memories with.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories Ben!



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