Day 112 – Thankful for a Lesson From My Dad

17 Jan

Today I’m thankful for a lesson from my dad.

 Yesterday morning while I was prepping for my run in the cold I had thoughts and happy memories of many people including my mom, my mother in law, and Becky.  While I was cleaning my workshop yesterday I was thinking of my dad.  When Dominic and I were shooting rifles over Christmas I thought of my grandpa.  When I saw my John Elway autographed helmet and my Packers display I thought of my brother and Linda Monk.  When I hung a Brewers poster in my workshop I thought of Dominic.  In all of these cases I smiled and was grateful for each of these people.  Why is that?

My dad taught me a fantastic lesson a long time ago.  We were working on some project and he told me a secret that he used to stay happy.  Every time he grabbed a tool he thought about who gave it to him and where it came from.  He then took a second to be grateful for that person.  

When he first shared that I thought it was a nice gesture, but c’mon dad, seriously?  Regardless I started doing that and I’ve been impressed with how many times there are positive thoughts and memories flowing through my brain.  

It’s truly and incredible way to stay eternally grateful for what we have, but more importantly it reminds me to be grateful for the people I have and have had relationships in my life.  When those thoughts start flowing it is damn near impossible to not smile and be happy.

Who’d have thought that the acts of doing something so minor as using bandsaw, putting on long underwear, or putting on a winter running jacket could put a smile on my face?  Thanks for he lesson Dad, I’m a happier person because of it.



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