Day 111 – Thankful for John “I’ll Run In Any Weather” Manier

16 Jan

Today I am thankful for John “I’ll run in any weather” Manier.


My buddy John Manier is temporarily laid up due to a running injury.  With weather like today it would have been very easy to say “screw it,” and hop on the dreadmill instead.  But two things got in the way of a long run to nowhere.

First, I can sometimes be a complete moron and try to test fate and Mother Nature.  Second, John would be out running in this if he could.  If John would do it, why shouldn’t I do it?

I’ve seen John running through all types of weather including extreme heat and extreme cold.  I’ve seen him running in dark, in rain and in fog.  Pretty sure I remember him running in a thunderstorm.  If memory serves, I’m pretty sure it was when he was running through a tornado that he met chuck Norris for the first time, but I may be mistaken.

John is insanely dedicated to running and he is a motivation to all of us who run.  It sucks that he’s out of commission for a little while, but pretty cool that he can continue to help be a motivator.

There’s more to the story that makes it even more interesting.  I still remember a comment that John made that Becky had shared.  When talking about me running a marathon there was a comment along the lines of “if Mike can do it, I can do it.”  It’s pretty neat how that comment has come completely full circle as I was running outside in the freezing cold today.  Several times I keep thinking, “if John can do it, I can do it.”


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