Day 107 – Thankful for Texting My Little Brother During Football Games

13 Jan

Today I’m thankful for texting my little brother during football games.

So here’s the deal in today’s blog.  Nothing sappy, sentimental, or anything that would cause guy’s to give each other hell for.  It just wouldn’t be right and doesn’t fit here.

Last night I stayed up to watch the entire NCAA Championship for pretty much one reason, because I was texting my little brother the whole time.

While Nick and I would agree that something are better off not being repeated, here’s a sample of what we sent back and forth that is actually street legal (you have no idea how tough it was to find something that could be put online):


We had a blast.  Picking on each other.  Ripping on the game.  Shooting the shit.  Sharing the exciting moments and collectively groaning at a horrible injury.  At one point I swear to God we typed the same horrible joke to each other at the same time.  Our matching “LOL”s came out right after.

To be honest, one of my favorite reasons for watching games is to text him back and forth. It’s pretty awesome.  We both get each other, we both get each other’s humor, we both know how to hit each other’s buttons, and best of all, we never talk about anything serious.  Just two guys burping, scratching, laughing, giving each other hell, and watching a game.  That’s just what the doctor ordered sometimes.


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