Day 106 – Thankful for Having Potentially Awkward Conversations

12 Jan

Today I’m thankful for having potentially awkward conversations.

You know that feeling when there’s a conversation that you really know should be had but it feels to awkward to have it?  You know, the one where I’m worried about how it may be taken.  The one where I’m going to be treading on thin ice.  The one that I’m not sure how to start.  The one that I know needs to be had but you keep pushing it off.

Guess what happens if I don’t have it?  More awkwardness.  Growing frustration. Confusion. Nothing resolved.  Unfinished business.  Lost potential.  

Guess what happens if I have it?  Understanding.  Working together and not apart.  Clarity.  Efficiency.  New opportunities.  Success.

Today I’m glad I chose to have a potentially awkward conversation.  


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