Day 104 – Thankful for All the Weekends My Parents Spent in Gyms for Me

09 Jan

Today I’m thankful for all the weekends my parents spent in gyms for me.

This was the view Becky and I had for a good chunk of our Saturday.  Dominic had his futsol tournament (indoor soccer) and we had a fun time watching him.  He hustled his butt off and had the best half of soccer I think I’ve seen him play.  

That being said, it was a long day.  Between a parent meeting and the gym we’ll have spent the majority of an off day on the event.  Just as I started to whine about how much time we were spending I thought of my parents.

When Nick and I were kids it seemed like at least eight weekends a year were spent at wrestling tournaments.  We’d load up in the car and drive 45-120+ minutes to hurry up for weigh in early, run out for breakfast, and then hurry up and wait for my number to come up.  Once that happened there was a spectacular showcase of athletics… By my opponent.  I can still tell you what the ceiling of every gym across northern WI looks like.  In less than 30 seconds and in no more than 6 minutes I was done and we went back to waiting for my next match.

Only now as an adult can I look back and realize just how much my parents gave for me to be in a sport that I loved.  The gas, the driving, the money for the tournament, the money for the meals, and most importantly, the time.  I am eternally grateful to them for taking the time to do that for me. 

That being said, as a parent I now understand why they were willing to do it.  They love me and want me to be happy.  They also had fun watching me and wre proud of me regardless of the result – so long as I have my all.  I understand now because I feel the same way.


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