Day 102 – Thankful for Sasquatch Sightings?

07 Jan

Today I’m thankful for…  Sasquatch sightings???

I’d like to offer the following evidence of the presence of Sasquatch on French Island:  

Tell me those aren’t Sasquatch tracks in the fresh snow this morning.

So why am I thankful for this Sasquatch sighting?  It means that some big hairy animal got up at 3:45 this morning despite a huge urge to go back to sleep.  It means that this big hairy animal has an important goal that it’s focused on attaining and was not going to be stopped by sloppy weather.

When there’s a Sasquatch sighting like this it means I woke up early and knocked out an awesome run, one that will keep me energized up all day long.  It means that today I won the battle and am a step closer to winning the war.


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