Day 101 – Thankful for a Well Grounded Pro Athlete

07 Jan

Today I’m thankful for a well grounded pro athlete.

While the news is filled with professional athlete jack wagons like Johnny Manziel, it’s refreshing to hear a story about someone who is not insanely arrogant, lying about where he is, running off to a strip club in Vegas and skipping out on his team.

I took a break from audio books for a little while on my ride home and fired up some sports radio for a change of pace and happened to catch an interview of AJ McCarron, the back up QB from Bengals who’s starting in place of their injured Andy Dalton.

Listening to him renewed my faith in professional athletes being good people.

So why did I think so highly of him?  The guy had to miss the majority of the season last year due to injury, and instead of sitting back he took a very active role in training, studying the game video, helping the healthy QBs, and was an active member of his team.  He busted his butt to make sure he stayed as strong and ready as he could be for his role of back up… Which leads me to my next point.

He knows his role, is okay with it, and knows what he needs to be ready to do to help his team be successful.  He also is doing everything he can to prepare himself for his next role should the opportunity arise.

He’s a family guy who was excited to hear his wife is pregnant and excited to have a son.  He’s a fan who once got a sweaty used wristband from Ben Roethlisberger as a 13yo (who he plays against in the playoffs this Saturday).  He has a strong faith that comes across loud and clear when he talks about his family and life opportunities.

Lastly, he is insanely grateful for all that he has, his family andopportunities.

Maybe I’ve been buffaloed, but he sounded like an honest and genuine guy that my boys could look up to, and I’m thankful for well grounded athletes.  Sorry Jeff Jensen, but I know who I’ll be cheering for on Saturday night.


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