Day 100 – Thankful for Being Thankful

06 Jan

Today is a big one – Day 100!!!  Today I’m thankful for taking time to be thankful for at least a few minutes for each of the last 100 days.

While I’m not yet to the one third mark of this journey I’ve got to say I’m having a blast doing it.  I’m also pretty sure my happiness and optimism have increased as a result of doing this blog.

Funny thing, gratitude.  It comes and goes on fleeting moments and at random times for sometimes crazy reasons.  Not gonna lie, I was very nervous about what I was going to write about after the first handful of posts, but that really has never been the case.  It’s actually starting to become the opposite!

Now that I’m keeping my eyes open I’m realizing so many more things to be thankful for.  For example, here’s a list of some of the things I’ve considered blogging about today before choosing this topic:

  • Having the grit to stick with my diet / training plan even when I want to go back to bed at 4:37am
  • The feeling after a short run
  • How writing down what I eat keeps me focused on eating so much better
  • The way both my boys wake up in the morning, the little things like how they stretch and when they wake up in an excellent mood
  • An awesome sunrise
  • How much fun it is to be with a team member that is obviously having a great day and is even happier than normal
  • The joys of meeting with a client to develop a better staffing strategy
  • The team member that is willing to have a tough and possibly uncomfortable conversation that needed to be had
  • Rekindling relationships with old clients that I haven’t seen in years
  • Hanging out with my teammates for a drink or two after work
  • Becky taking care of the boys so I can hangout with my teammates 
  • A random conversation with a homeless guy while waiting for Dominic’s soccer practice to be done
  • Dominic asking me about how my day was and actually listen int and engaging in conversation about it
  • Coming home after a long day
  • Putting on pajamas
  • Great leftovers
  • My bed

After running through the mental Rolodex of all of these I settled on the one thing they all have in common…  Had it not been for this blog they may have all passed by without notice.  Today I’m thankful for being thankful!


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