Day 99 – Thankful for the Cold Heartless Slap of Reality

05 Jan

Today I’m thankful for the cold heartless slap of reality.

Ever have one these moments?  That’s how my morning started.


Who’s got two thumbs and was going to start a half hearted diet and exercise regime today?  This guy!

Guess who’s belly was about 15+ pounds more overweight than he thought it was?  Yup, this guy!

Who suddenly had a lot more freakin’ resolve and a solid action plan to lose his tire?  Yep, that’s me!

Oh Reality, you ruthless queen of cold hearted truths…  Your slaps upside the head are just the doctor ordered to pull my head out of my butt and get going on the second half of my goal to crush 40…  Be in the best physical shape of my life when I crush 40 (yes, I’m not turning 40, screw that, I’m crushing 40).

Your crack upside the melon this morning helped me realize that I’ve wasted exactly 98 days of pushing towards this goal…  Well, maybe 97, I did run 10 miles out of spite that one day.  Not gonna lie, even more proud of myself now for running that far!

98 wasted days, but also 264 days remain.  Your message was heard loud and clear, I’m back on track.  Pretty sure I have 144 days to get the weight down, and 120 days to train for something completely crazy and stupid (& AWESOME) like an Ultra Ragnar.

Reality, thanks for bloodying my lip and breaking my nose this morning.  I seriously needed that.  Time to kick my own ass for a while! 🙂


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