Day 98 – Thankful for My Grandpa’s Ability to Make 6 of Everything

04 Jan

Today I’m handful for my grandpa’s ability to make 6 of everything.  

For Gavin’s Cub Scout den I made 5 cryptex (password locked message tube) for a part of their den meeting.  Little did I know what I had gotten myself into.  This fun little project turned out to be a test of my grit.  

As I was explaining them to my mom she chuckled and reminded me of my grandpa’s annual Herculean feat.  With a wife and five kids he had to make six of anything he made so everyone had one.  Six.  Of every project.  

Ugh…  The patience to make that many of the same thing is crazy!  I found myself focusing on ways to make them more efficiently after the prototype and am pretty sure I saved a ton of time, but it was still the same thing…  How he did six of every project blows my mind!  The level of patience required is unbelievable.

Well, I gotta run and keep this short…  I’m almost done and will be doing these during he Packer game.  The meeting is tomorrow night and I’ve got to be ready for the fun with the kids!


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