Day 97 – Thankful for Christmas at Mom’s

02 Jan

Today I’m thankful for Christmas at Mom’s.

This weekend is the annual trek up north to celebrate Christmas at my mom’s house.  

Why am I thankful for this weekend?  Over the course of a couple of days we’ll do many of our Christmas traditions.  Some of these include:

  • Having a huge meal including steak, crab, twice baked potatoes, stuffing, and tons of other great stuff
  • Drinking slush while opening way too many Christmas presents
  • Play games and drinking Old Fashioneds at night
  • Laughing and giving each other a hard time about random things
  • Eating way too many cookies and treats
  • Drinking homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Sledding and tubing
  • Kicking back and relaxing
  • Enjoying time with each other
  • More eating 🙂

Every Christmas we go through the same routine and have a great weekend.  While I’m often a fan of trying very different things, there are some traditions that make doing the same old same old pretty awesome!

Special thanks to my mom for all she does to make the holidays perfect every year.  It amazing how much time she puts in to make every Christmas as perfect, memorable and enjoyable as possible for everyone.  The amount of thought she puts into everything from gifts to meals to games is incredible.  This weekend would not be nearly the same without all she does.


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