Day 95 – Thankful for a Pretty Awesome Year

01 Jan

Today I’m thankful for a pretty awesome year.

2015 is almost in the books.  To close it up we’re having a relaxing family night and having fun chillaxing.  I’ve learned a new term today…  Quoting Gavin, “you’re a wiener pee hole.”  Great quote to end the year!

As I think about 2015 there are many highlights to be thankful for.  Some of them include:

  • Our trip to Yellowstone, Glacier, the Tetons, and Roosevelt National Parks    
  • Running Ragnar     
  • Went to a ton of soccer games   
  • Had great times on our boat 
  • Went to opening day at Miller Park   
  • Went to Becky’s parents’s 40th anniversary
  • Had a fun Father’s Day weekend with my friends and their family
  • Had some great hikes   
  • Built a tree house   
  • Had fun at the Lamping family reunion
  • Grew a giant pet spider 
  • Did a bunch of Cub Scout stuff   
  • Took a day trip to Devil’s Lake   
  • Had fun with the boys  
  • Made more memories with my awesome wife  

All in all it was a pretty awesome year!  Thanks to everyone who played a role in making memories that will stick with me forever.


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