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Day 126 – Thankful for Crazy Little Church Traditions

Today I am thankful for crazy little church traditions.

Let’s be really clear on this one, there will be absolutely nothing serious or focused on faith in this post. ¬†I’m not talking about Church traditions, I’m talking about little family traditions the boys and I have started.

I have a tough time sitting in one place and staying focused for long periods of time… Usually anything over about 15 minutes ūüôā ¬†In church there is a lot of down time in-between different things, and the boys and I have figured out ways to keeping ourselves entertained in those fleeting moments. ¬†Mom & Mary – I do listen politely, but you know how there are those sometimes quiet times in-between things? ¬†That’s what I’m talking about.

Today was a great reminder of those little traditions for me.  In addition to things like giggling when certain words are said, when a baby make a silly noise and things along those lines, there are few other things that observers of the Kreiling family may see on any given Sunday.

Dominic and I usually spend some time poking each other in the ribs, stepping on each others’ feet, and maybe doing a light hip check or two. ¬†There’s also¬†some fun when offering peace… ¬†Today we’ve started what is bound to be a new tradition of shaking hands, moving the hands up on top of the handshake, back down, back up, release, pull hands away to the side, bring them back together, take them apart, my hand goes up and his goes down, we bump them together, his hand goes up and mine goes down, we bump them together, give a fist bump, and then explosion. Way more interesting that just a simple handshake ūüôā

Gavin and I have our own fun that we do called “magnets.” ¬†When we’re waiting for Becky and Dominic to go through the line for communion Gavin says “magnets” and it is game on. ¬†My hands immediately turn into magnets with the palms being the same polarity so they refuse to go together as he struggles to get my palms to touch. ¬†Then he flips one hand to the other side and then has to struggle to peel them apart. ¬†Occasionally the polarity of one will change… ¬†You get the idea.

The reason I love these little moments is because it is one of those times when nothing else matters except the boys and I (and Becky if we’ve been too loud ūüôā ). ¬†I’m hoping that one day while they are in church with their boys they’ll remember these goofy little traditions, smile and teach their kids something similar.

Yes, it is completely silly, but it is our tradition, just like chocolate milk and donuts on Saturday mornings were for my brother, dad, and I.  To this day the thought of that little tradition makes me smile.



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Day 125 – Thankful for Wrestling with My Best-est Buddy

Today I am thankful for wrestling with my best-est buddy, Gavin.

Belize was absolutely fantastic & we had an incredible time. ¬†We’re now back home and getting back into the swing of things. ¬†Unpacking, getting back to real life, the normal back home from vacation stuff.

Dominic wanted to go with Becky to pick up the dogs, so it was just Gavin and me for a nice chunk of the afternoon.  I finished up with unpacking and then it was go time for the two of us.

We played some games and thought up some crazy projects, but the thing I had the most fun doing was playing “Zombies” with him using swords and his diamond pickaxe. ¬†Next thing you know we’re wrestling around in the living room acting like a couple of little kids. ¬†Between hacking off each others’ arms and legs (pretty sure most dads will know what I’m talking about and most moms will be disgusted / confused), eating each others brains and trying to beat each other. ¬†There were many moments when there was a declaration of surrender only to have it revoked as soon as the positions had changed. ¬†All in all we ended up giggling and out of breath after about 30 minutes of craziness.

I’m thankful for wrestling with him for a couple of reasons. ¬†It’s great to spend some one on one time with my buddy. ¬†It’s also pretty awesome to lose all sense of responsibility and “adultness” and go back to being a kid without a care in the world. ¬†There was no news, no politics, no bills, no nothing, only laughing, wrestling and having fun. ¬†I know that I can’t always live in that world, but it’s so awesome to be totally present in activity like that with him.

That s short period of time with him today was a great reminder for me of how important it is for me to enjoy the moment, be present in the moment, and that moments like this are where much happiness begins.



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Day 124 – Thankful for Safe Travels

Today I’m thankful for safe travels.

Tell me that’s not the scariest sight you could ever see when you hop on a flight!  

So we’re not even close to home at this point.  Hell, we’re not even in the right country yet!  Our flights have been thrown completely off by a delay, but what are you going to do?  Kick back, have a drink, see where we end up, and be thankful that our travels have been safe so far.

I’m thankful for the safe travels so far, and hoping for more to get us all the way home.


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¬†Day 123 – Thankful for the Sound of the Ocean

Today I am thankful for the sound of the ocean.


With tonight being our last night in Belize I took some time to sit near the ocean and enjoy the sounds.  The rhythmic pounding of sea water against the shore is absolutely beautiful and is music to my ears and soul.  While the sound of Wind Cave seems like the breathing of the Earth, the waves are the sound of the blood of the Earth pumping. There’s some incredible magic in those sounds that is more soothing than just about any other.

It took me back to when I was a kid and my parents took me to the ocean the first time.  I just couldn’t believe how big, vast, and seemingly endless the ocean was.  I played in it with my brother and we had so much fun.

It took me back to sitting on the beach in Mexico.  I was on an incredibly impromptu spring break trip with friends and had a little time one night to just sit in the sand, listen to the ocean, and dream a new reality for myself.  I was in a very weird point in my life and the soothing sounds were exactly what I needed to calm my spirit.

It took me back to Hawaii, sitting with Becky on the balcony of our rented house.  We were snuggled up in a chair made for one just listening to the waves and relaxing together.  It felt like home.  

There’s just something about that sound that can’t be duplicated or copied.  Maybe it’s the slightly salty ocean air that is the finishing touch?  Regardless, the sound of the ocean is the sound of life.  When there is so much other noise in my life I need only thing back to the sound of the ocean to quiet my soul and re-center myself.


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Day 122 – Thankful for FaceTime

Today I’m thankful for FaceTime…

Here we are , serveral countries away and still able to experience the craziness of our kids via FaceTime…

Today I’m thankful for FaceTime helping us not miss our two crazy monkey’s….  Especially on a day we saw howler monkeys… 


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Day 121 – Thankful for People Who Push Me to Dream Bigger

Today I’m thankful for people who push me to dream bigger.

It is so easy to get pulled into complacency…  Settling for okay is quick and painless…  Being satisfied has a nice sound to it…  Or, I can push myself and dream bigger.  

I’m so incredibly fortunate to have several friends who push me to always dream bigger.  Norm and Mark T have been fantastic coaches who are great at giving me that little extra nudge I need to push myself further.  If I had been left to my own devices I’d probably have settled a long time ago.  With their pushing and urging I’ve grown more than I thought I could.  

 It isn’t always what I want to hear.  It usually gets me frustrated and fired up.  It hurts sometimes.  But it’s not what they’re saying or doing to help me grow, it’s that I haven’t already made the same leap on my own.  It frustrates me to think that they still see more in me and dream bigger for me than I do for myself.  

That being said, I’ve made strides and will continue to grit out this learning process.  And if be lying if I said that I’m not smiling as I type this, knowing that as soon as I think I’m dreaming big enough I’ll hear their voices in my head pushing and urging me to dream bigger.

So today I’m thankful for people who push me to dream bigger, I hope to help others do the same.  It’s made a world of difference for me and I’m eternally grateful.


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Day 120 – Thankful for My First Sales Coach, Mike Molitoris

Today I am thankful for my first sales coach, Mike Molitoris.

Today was an epic day. ¬†Between boat rides, ocean life, seeing other countries, incredible meals, great times with friends, and many memories being made it was nothing short of extraordinary. ¬†Seriously, look at this picture… ¬†We were swimming with turtles and sharks… ¬†At the same time!!!



So you’re probably asking yourself, why isn’t that what Mike’s¬†thankful for today?

The reason that I am thankful for Mike Molitoris is that he was my first sales coach. ¬†He was the first teacher I had in professionalism. ¬†He was my trainer¬†in managing a team. ¬†Without the¬†lessons learned from Mike I would very likely not be on this work trip. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I was still pretty raw when I started with Express over 16 years ago, but I was even more incredibly raw before I met Mike.

I met Mike when I started selling discount books (never say coupons) door to door during college. ¬†He proceeded to teach me many of the sales lessons that I use to train my new team members. ¬†Mirroring, “Feel, Felt, Found,” isolating the objection, and sales persistence¬†were amongst the sales lessons he helped me with. ¬†But it wasn’t just the technical side of sales that he taught me.

He was the person who introduced me to reading sales and business books to grow myself (pretty sure he’d be happy to know I hit my goal of reading 25 business related books last year, and would also push me to read 30 in 2016).

He was the first person to help me understand the importance of first impressions and appearances. ¬†While I didn’t always follow his advice right away (I finally shaved off my goatee about 8 years after he told me to), I’ve kept most of it stored in my brain.

Mike was also the person who helped me understand what it meant to be a leader. ¬†You work hard, you get there early, you stay late, you lead your team by example, and your success is measured by your team’s success.

Through my lessons with Mike he reinforced the concept of grit as it relates to sales. ¬†If I wanted to be successful I had to knock on a lot of doors. ¬†If I wanted to be successful I had to fight through objections. ¬†If I wanted to be successful I had to swallow the no’s and put on a smile in my short walk to the next house.

You put all of those things together and then appreciate¬†that everything he taught me was condensed into an incredibly short period of time, we worked together for less than a year. ¬†Also, that was when I was in the prime of my “Dude, I’m 22 and already now everything, so don’t even try” stage. ¬†The guy had the patience of a saint to keep working on me for that long.

Deep down I think he saw a lot of potential in me, way more than I saw for myself at the time. ¬†I am incredibly thankful to have had him in my life as¬†I’ve started to see more and more of the potential he saw me. ¬†He’s a coach who never gave up on me, pushed me through struggles, and helped me learn, understand, and appreciate many of my core values.

So while I’m having an unbelievable experience here in Belize, I can’t help but take time to be thankful for my first sales coach. ¬†Without him who knows if I’d be where I am today.


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Day 119 – Thankful for Start of Vacation Excitement

Today I’m thankful for start of vacation excitement.

How can you not get excited and geared up when you have this type of view?

The next ground I step on will be a whole new country!  


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Day 118 – Thankful for Goal Setting

Today I’m thankful for goal setting.


With the goal of living this tree accomplished the seemingly impossible by growing in the rock.

 A new year, time for new goals or a renewed effort to reaching old goals.  Yup, I’m a little late to the party on this one…  As crazy busy as life has been I almost made the mistake of not setting my goals because I was too busy.  Special thanks to Norm for pushing this, as frustrated as I can sometimes be with having stuff added to my plate, this was an incredibly helpful assignment!

It’s crazy to see the difference in thought process when I decide to act on life as opposed to letting it impose its will on me.  When I take the time to decide on the destination I know that I can make the road map to get there.  Without the destination in mind I have still enjoy the ride, but I end up driving on random country roads that bring me nowhere, kind of like a treadmill.

When life is busy it’s easy to hit the cruise control and go where I go, but I only have so much time on this earth and there’s a shit ton of stuff I want to experience.  If I want to get as much done as possible I need to take a deep breath, step out of the whirlwind, and set my goals…  Which I’ve just done for the year.

Watch out friends, readers and fellow dreamers, you might see some messages, emails, and calls seemingly out of the blue to get dates on the calendar, to get asked for advice, and to get asked to join me for an adventure or two.


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Day 117 – Thankful for Whiteboards

Today I’m thankful for whiteboards.

Ahh… Whiteboards… Proof that God really loves us.  

Is there anything greater in the business world than a blank 4×8′ whiteboard and a ledge full of markers?  It clearly represents limitless options, countless possibilities, and endless ideas.

It can be used for hiring decisions – thanks Dominic!

 It can be used for math…

It can be used for brain storming…

As a very visually minded person it is a great place to dump my brain, draw my thoughts, and try to connect seemingly disconnected concepts.

Today I’m thankful for the whiteboard, my office weapon of choice!


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