Day 94 – Thankful for an Accomplished Goal – 25 Books in 2015

31 Dec

Today I’m thankful for an accomplished goal, 25 books in 2015.

Ahh…  Victory!  Mission accomplished.  Goal accomplished.  25 Business books went into my brain this year!

Here’s the Top 10 Most Impactful:

  1. Talk Like TED (read 3x’s this year):  Excellent how to for putting together a presentation.  This one helped me a ton with putting together my presentation.
  2. Great by Choice:  One of my all time favorite books, Jim Collins wrote a masterpiece to show how businesses choose to be successful.
  3. How The Mighty Fall:  This one was the last one I read this year and it was a punch to the gut.  He hit the nail on the head of some of my struggles this year.
  4. Rise of the Robots:  This fired up some crazy thoughts and ideas.  Incredibly thought provoking.
  5. A More Beautiful Question:  Ahh…  Questions, the tools of my trade.  This book was wonderful at sharing many new ways to phrase questions more effectively.
  6. Work Simply:  Want to be more productive?  Start here.
  7. Off Balance:  Want to be happier?  Start here.
  8. Mindset:  This book explains one of my most core values.  Anything is possible, you just have to figure it out and focus on enjoying the journey more than the destination.
  9. Scarcity:  Interesting concept discussing how scarcity can help in the short term but is very detrimental in the long term.
  10. Get the Truth:  From the same team that wrote Spy the Lie, this book helps you learn to ask questions in a way hat helps walk you to the truth in very difficult situations.  In some ways this was the most impactful book of the year as it helped me make a couple of incredibly tough decisions.

And the others I’d recommend:

  1. Life is a Series of Presentations 
  2. Getting to Yes With Yourself
  3. The Small Big
  4. The Power of Understanding People
  5. The Art of Stillness
  6. How to Fly a Horse
  7.  Misbehaving
  8. Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
  9. How to Design TED Worthy Presentations
  10. Poke the Box
  11. Insanely Simple

And the ones that were pretty meh:

  1. Street Smarts
  2. Increasing Effectiveness Through SLII (the system itself is fantastic, the book?  Not so much.)
  3. Guerilla Marketing
  4. Why We Make Things & Why It Matters

So there’s the 2015 reads…  

And I’ve picked up an oldie but goodie to start the year, Decisive by the Heath Brothers.  Here’s to another 25 in 2016!

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