Day 92 – Thankful for Bringing My Big Buddy to Work

29 Dec

Today I’m thankful for bringing my big buddy to work.

Dominic had the day off of school and wanted to spend a day at work with me to see what I do.  He got to see everything from a start of the day meeting to conference calls, to touring a machining company to spreadsheets and a one on one coaching session or two.  He got to spend some time working on my to do list, playing on the iPad, scribbling notes on the whiteboard, doing some math, and even helping me fill out a tax form!

All in all it was great to see what he thought of the whole thing.  He said some of his favorite things were all the math, the tour at the client, and doing paperwork.  His biggest regret was that there wasn’t more forms to fill out (not sure if he’s really my kid after that comment!).

It was a pretty cool learning experience for me too.  There were times I caught myself alsmot saying something and then stopped myself, thinking of whether or not that would be the right thing to say or do as a role model.  Why don’t I stop and think like that all the time?  I also stopped to slow down to explain things better, I’m pretty sure I don’t always do that well all the time.  There were also a few comments about how much I was smiling today, where’s that smile everyday?  Sometimes I get bored or frustrated with parts of my career, but when Dominic pointed out how cool somethings really were it caught me off guard and made me realize I take a lot for granted.  

It was a pretty awesome work day for both of us, one we’ll hold on to for a while.  I’m thinking this may have to happen more and more often.  Not just for Dominic and Gavin’s sakes, but for my own happiness, well being and positive attitude!


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