Day 90 – Thankful for Random Tickling & Wrestling on the Bed

26 Dec

Today I’m thankful for random tickling and wrestling on the bed.

Okay, before the pervs out there start making jokes (just like I would be, LOL), I’m serious.  Seriously, no innuendos or implied sexual jokes from me in this post…   Also, while there isn’t a pic of the event I’ve added one that kinda captured the same type of feel.

Becky and I were giving each a little shut about a few different things as we were getting ready to head out of the house.  One thing led to another and Becky’s tackling me on the bed.  I get a nice reversal to get in control and commence the tickling.  

Next thing we knew we’re laughing, giggling and having a blast.  Gavin tagged in at one point and first helped me and then the little traitor switched sides.  The reason we finally stopped was because Becky was laughing so hard that she almost couldn’t breathe.

That is one of those moments that I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time.  Nothing else in the world mattered, it was just us goofing around, laughing and having fun.  It was a perfect moment, the kind that writing this blog helps me to remember and enjoy daily.

If there aren’t moments like this in heaven, I’m not sure that I’ll want to go when my number’s called.


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