Day 87 – Thankful for a Thought Provoking Book

23 Dec

Today I’m thankful for a thought provoking book.

What do you get when you cover advances in robotics, labor participation rates, the rising rates of productivity in the face of slowly fading wages, ideas to overhaul the medical system, the insanely wide spread future impact of driverless cars, and ripping on both political parties?  An awesome freaking book, that’s what you get!

This book has got my head spinning with ideas, concepts, business strategy, doomsday scenarios, new perspectives on old topics, and ideas to make life better.

While I’m not sure if you’d get the same, I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who geeks out on data, projecting the future, new technology, social change, and business.  It covers all of this and so much more.

So today I’m thankful for this book, it was a home run in my opinion.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up.  Gotta run, I’ve got a metric crap ton of thinking to do!


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