Day 86 – Thankful for Christmas Shopping

23 Dec

Today I am thankful for Christmas Shopping.

So today I really can’t get into too much detail, but it is so much fun picking out gifts for everyone!  Over the past couple of days the last couple of gifts have arrived via mail, the boys’ gifts were wrapped by Santa (Actually, pretty sure it was Mrs. Claus), and I’m just wrapping up the last two or three presents online tonight.

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching the face of someone open a gift that was thought out, meaningful, and just right for the person you got it for?  There are a couple this year that I am super pumped to watch people open.

So while I can’t get into which ones they are here, I’m pretty sure there will be future posts about them…  Just a hunch!

I also have to be honest, is it just me or has Christmas shopping gotten way better since online shopping and the availability of damn near anything you could want to give someone online?  It’s great!  One of the last ones I’m looking for tonight totally fits that bill and if all works out it will be one of the craziest I’ve ever given.

Can’t wait for them to be opened!


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