Day 85 – Thankful for a Walk and Conversation with My Best-est Buddy

22 Dec

Today I am thankful for a walk and conversation and with my best-est buddy.

So yesterday Becky went for a run with the dogs and Dominic went with while riding his bike.  Gavin and I decided to go for a walk and talk while they were gone.


We had a blast!!!  That little guy cracks me up constantly!  Between randomly stopping to look at something shiny, stopping a conversation mid sentence to take it in a completely different direction, to randomly wandering in a crazy direction we had a great time.

After walking a mile or so we stopped at a beach and threw rocks high in the air to see if they would break through the ice in the river.  We did that for probably almost an hour while giggling and coming up with random stuff.

Amongst the conversation topics we discussed were:

  1. Gavin wants to become an inventor in order to go back in time to see dinosaurs and find a way to save them
  2. Iridium is the heaviest metal on Earth, 20 times heavier than water
  3. We developed a helium filled wing suit to help us both fly and walk on water at the same freaking time – awesome!
  4. Gavin can make a better salt that will melt ice way quicker
  5. The best way to tell if it is ice or salt on the ground is to taste it
  6. Jumping off the airport sign can result in a leg full of sand burrs
  7. If someone lost a wrench on Fanta Reed Rd, they can find it on top of an electrical box on our street corner
  8. If a tornado hit the electrical box just right the wrench would either be blown off or blown through the electrical box

As we walked home we had more crazy conversation and just enjoyed each other’s company.  At one point Gavin told me how much fun he was having just walking, talking, and spending time with his best-est buddy.  Is there anymore explanation I need to give on why I am thankful for this today?

He may drive me nuts sometimes but I absolutely love and appreciate that crazy little kid!


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