Day 82 – Thankful for Unexpected Compliments

19 Dec

Today I’m thankful for unexpected compliments.

This week has been pretty awesome.  It had some rough spots and a blow out or two, but there were so many more successes than frustrations this week.  Between successful client and prospect meetings, trainings, time with great teams, humbling experiences to help me re-calibrate, and solid coaching with other team members the week was pretty jam packed.

To cap off the week there was an unexpected compliment I received from out of left field that I totally wasn’t quite ready for.  It was one of those moments when you are thankful, humbled, and almost moved to tears.  It took everything I had to hold back the awesome from leaking out of my eyes and to calmly say thank you.  Nothing crazy, nothing earth shattering, but one of those compliments that completely catch you off guard and hit you right in the heart.  It was a recognition of one of my most important values and made me incredibly proud to see that I have been living it to the point that it was noticed and complimented.

It was one of those moments of validation that aren’t needed, but are a welcome fuel for the fires of drive and discipline.



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