Day 81 – Thankful for Audio Books

18 Dec

Today I am thankful for audio books.

This year I set a goal of listening to 25 business related non-fiction books in order to keep the saw sharp.  With about half a week to go I’m in the home stretch and making the last push…  Only 3 to go!

Where do I find time to read?  In my mobile classroom of course!  Don’t worry, I’m not actually reading while driving, I’m an junkie.

Leave the house at 6am to head up to Rice Lake, gotta have an excellent book or it’s all bad.  Coffee is also needed, just sayin’.

My 2015 Audio Book of the Year award goes to…


Great By Choice, Jim Collins.  Not gonna lie, this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve read that book.  In my humble opinion it is the best business book ever (followed closely by Good to Great).

Some of the other reads of this year include:

Lots of good reads, a couple of great ones, and some that I won’t re-read or recommend.  All in all, it’s a great way to keep the brain fresh and thinking of new ideas!


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