Day 80 – Thankful for Flexibility at Work

17 Dec

Today I am thankful for flexibility at work.

Right in the middle of a busy day with my Eau Claire team and an appointment in Menomonie I get a call from the school.  Turns out Gavin has a pretty high fever and a sore throat and needs to be picked up ASAP.  No worries, I’ll call Becky and maybe she’ll pick him up…  Crap.  Becky’s out of town and is further away than I am.  Plans are called off, and I head back to La Crosse to pick up the boys.

I reschedule a couple of things, get some calls made while I drive, plan on doing some work from home and make the best of a frustrating situation.  Bring the boys home, put Gavin down for a nap, and back to work.

Usually Becky does more than her share of dropping what she’s doing to pick up the boys, and I really appreciate her even more on days like today.  The way she is willing and ready to do that is amazing, I usually complain and try to find a way out of it.  It’s nice to jump in and help out once in a while.

I’m also thankful to have healthy boys.  They rarely get sick and this is a very uncommon event.  It’s nice knowing that events like this are only a once in a great while thing.  Not sure, but we must be feeding them enough dirt, exposing them to enough pet dander, and skipping the antibacterial lotions enough to make their immune systems super human!

There are many times when I get frustrated when people miss work due to illness or kids.  Seriously, tough it out, c’mon!  Don’t you have someone else who can pick them up?  These are sometimes my thoughts.  It doesn’t matter if it is our associates, our team members, or friends and family.  Today’s a reminder that life happens to everyone, we need to stay flexible as you never know what life will throw at you next.

I’m thankful to have a relatively flexible work schedule when I need it to be so I can handle things like this from time to time.  While not ideal, at least it can be figured out and I can pick them up.  I’m also very lucky to have team members who help me out and have my back on days like this.

You never know when life will throw you a little curveball (this really is a pretty minor one, all things considered), it’s nice to be able to have the flexibility to solve the problem.




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