Day 78 – Thankful for Dreams to Help Grit Out the Tough Stuff

15 Dec

Today I’m thankful for dreams to help grit out the tough stuff.

Setbacks, obstacles, and challenges are difficult to face sometimes.  There are times when you just want to throw up your hands and quit.  Sometimes the pressure gets overwhelming.  That’s when dreams are pretty freaking awesome.



When the going gets tough, I need to remember my dreams.  Why am I on this track?  Why am I putting myself in this spot?  Why am I choosing to be in this situation?  Because I want to accomplish my dreams.  All of my dreams…  And there’s a lot of them!  I’ve got a lot of shit to get done and to enjoy getting done, I’m choosing this path.

So if I ever wonder why I am choosing to do what I do it’s to chase stuff like I can either read my dream book (which I will be doing again tonight), or I can look at pictures like this from earlier this summer:

When the going gets tough, the tough kick ass…  But only after taking some time to remember why they wanted to kick some ass in the first place.  Time to go put a dent in the universe!


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