Day 77 – Thankful for Close Calls

14 Dec

Today I’m thankful for close calls.

Gavin and I were working on a fun project in my workshop earlier today.  We’re making a cryptex like in the Da Vinci Code to possibly make at his Cub Scout meetings.  We took a break for supper and afterwards I went back up to do a little more work on it as Gavin chilled out inside.

One of the parts is a small little hunk of PVC cut off of a little PVC coupling.  It was a small piece to start with and I had a little lapse in judgement.  Instead of figuring out a way to cut it with my fingers at a safe distance I rushed into it and knew I could just hold it with my fingers within inches of the chop saw.  

As you’re probably thinking right now…

Yup, somewhere in my head I could even hear my dad (who was the inspiration for Red Forman, he had to be!) calling me a dumbass as I pulled the saw down.

Fortunately my fingers were spared, but only after the pressure from the saw on the hard plastic coupling caused the part to pop like a little explosion.  Part of it must’ve hit my finger as my finger started throbbing and tingling.  I stood there in stunned disbelief for a moment.  As my brain was quickly piecing together what happened I started to do the quick check… Both eyes are good (because I wasn’t wearing safety glasses like I normally wear), fingers attached, no blood spraying anywhere, and no plastic parts impaled in me.  That was a close call.

So how did my confidence grow to the point that I would pull a total dumbass move like that?  Pretty simple, it’s been a long while since my last close call.  Pretty sure it wasn’t even a close call, it was when I put the router bit into my hand (side note, if you ever need to measure 3/8″ without a ruler just let me know, my scar’s exactly that big).  

After that accident I was super careful.  Everything was by the book.  Then over time I’d slip a little.  I’d cut a small safety corner, and then another.  Next thing I knew was putting up Christmas lights on the treehouse using homemade scaffolding with a ladder on top that probably wouldn’t be OSHA approved even in China.

So while I was a dumbass today I lived to be safe tomorrow.  Thanks to a close call I’ll be sure to listen to the voice of Red Forman in my head next time and will take the little extra time to be safe.


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