Day 76 – Thankful for Everyone Who Puts Money in the Kettles

12 Dec

Today I’m thankful for everyone who puts money in the kettles.

For several years we’ve gone out to ring bells as a family.  It’s always been a good time to show the boys what it means to make a gift of yourself.  We always have fun, the boys always elicit many a smile, and we have a great time helping others.

This year we changed things up a little bit and invited our Cub Scout pack to join us.  Holy Bells was it loud!!!  The kids all had fun and were enjoying rhe bells, singing Christmas carols, and horsing around as boys that age do.

So today I’m thankful for the people who are the stars of this show – the people who put money in the kettles.  The people who walk up with a smile and say Merry Christmas.  The people who let their kids put in their contribution.  The people who take a quick look, start to keep walking, pause, turn around and walk back to put some money in.  The reason we have such a great time doing it is them.  They are the ones who make this so much fun for the boys and I.

Thank you to everyone that puts money in a kettle this Christmas.  Not only are you giving money to people who really need it, you are also helping teach others to be good citizens, you’re teaching others the joy that comes from helping people, and you’re helping people learn to enjoy making a gift of themselves.  You’ve given out several smiles with your one simple gesture.


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